An exact sequence for generalized string links over surfaces


  • Juliana Roberta Theodoro de Lima Universidade Federal de Alagoas


braid groups, homotopy groups, generalized string links, presentation of braids, string link groups


In this work we extend Goldberg result [4] for generalized string links over closed, connected and orientable surfaces of genus $g \geq 1$, i.e., different from the sphere (up to link-homotopy).

Author Biography

Juliana Roberta Theodoro de Lima, Universidade Federal de Alagoas

Profa. Dra. Juliana R. Theodoro de Lima PhD in Mathematics at USP- University of São Paulo - Area: Algebraic Topology/ Algebra Adjunct Professor, Researcher and Vice-Principal at UFAL Mathematics Institute UFAL- Federal University of Alagoas, A. C. Simões Campus  Lourival Melo Mota Avenue, no number, Cidade Universitária Postal Code: 57072-900 - Maceió city, Alagoas, Brasil +55 82 981896005


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Theodoro de Lima, J.R. 2023. An exact sequence for generalized string links over surfaces. Latin American Journal of Mathematics. 2, 01 (Sep. 2023), 99–112.